How to Use GitHub Enterprise Cloud to Get Started

Advanced features, including SAML authentication, more GitHub Actions minutes, the capacity to limit email alerts to verified domains, and privately published GitHub Pages sites, are all added to by GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

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SAML authentication

Access to an enterprise account is one of the primary distinctions between GitHub Enterprise Cloud and other services. Administrators may manage and see everything from a single location across several enterprises with the help of enterprise accounts.

Browse to the GitHub Enterprise Server download website. GitHub On-premises and GitHub in the Cloud are the two choices available.

 GitHub Enterprise

GitHub On-premises

If GitHub is installed on your device, select this option. Create a new virtual machine (VM) and use the image that you downloaded below.

Create a new virtual machine

GitHub in the Cloud

Select this option if you want to install or use GitHub on a cloud computing platform like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services

In the GitHub in the Cloud, choose the Microsoft Azure platform. When you choose to Deploy to Azure, the platform will set up a connection to the Azure portal.

Azure portal

As you can see, the GitHub Enterprise Server is connected to the Azure portal. The template displays the three options related to it before creation. Selecting the Edit template option is the next step.

Edit template

This is where you can modify or verify the value of the variables and parameters.

Modify or verify

This is where you can modify or verify the value of the parameters.


Here, you can use the Resource Visualizer to confirm the resource or reset the diagram. The Export option is another one you have.

Resource Visualizer

Next, enter the accurate information (Project and Instance). then choose the option to Review + Create.

Accurate information

Verify that the deployment is finished.


View the deployed virtual machine now.

Virtual machine

We may then select the connect ways after that.

Connect ways


This article describes How to use GitHub Enterprise Cloud to get started. How to Set up your enterprise account will be covered in the upcoming post.

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