How To Use Shortcuts Keys Of Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10


Microsoft Edge Browser is the latest and defaults Web Browser in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is the updated version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge Web Browser is fast, compatible and built for the modern Web. Microsoft Edge is designed to work easily and helps you to get things, easy sharing, reading, discovery and more. Most keyboard shortcut keys are similar to the keyboard shortcuts, used in Internet Explorer (IE).

There are some shortcuts keys of Microsoft Edge Web Browser in Windows 10

Ctrl + Tab – Jump one to the right tab.
Control + Shift + Tab – switch back to the left tab.
Ctrl + Number key [1 to 9] – jump to a specific tab.
Ctrl + Shift + left click – Open link in new Window.
Ctrl + W – Close the current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T – Open the previous tab.
Ctrl + Shift + N – Open the current tab in a new window.
Ctrl + K – Open the duplicate tab.
Ctrl + I – Open Favorites.
Ctrl + M – Open the reading list.
Ctrl + H – Open history.
Ctrl + J – Open download.
Esc – Close the sidebar.
Ctrl + Shift + P – Open browsing In a private Window.
Alt + Spacebar + N – Minimize Edge Browser.
Alt + left arrow – Move back a current Web page.
Alt + Right arrow – Move forward a current Web page.
Ctrl + E – Move your Cursor to the URL bar.
Ctrl + Shift + L – Start a Bing search.
Ctrl + F – Open the find on Page panel.
Ctrl + [Plus sign] – To use zoom page.
Ctrl + [Minus sign] – To use zoom out page.
Ctrl + R or F5 – Reload the Web page.
ALT + Home – Open Home.


In this article, we learned about how to use shortcut keys of Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10. 

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