How To Visualise Mapping Of Existing Azure Resources


Most of the time it happens that resources exist in the cloud and we struggle to understand the mapping of those resources. Understanding and visualizing mapping manually is a bit hectic task.

So, to make this easy there is an extension available in Visual studio code i.e. ARM Template Viewer.

This extension will give a graphical representation of the ARM template. 

How to use this extension?

In Visual studio code, search for 'ARM template Viewer' extension and install it. 

To use this extension, we need to have an ARM template of the resources.  

Here, we will be exporting an ARM template of the resource group which has a few azure components which are linked with each other.

Once clicked on 'Export Template', it will generate ARM template which we will need to download.

This will download a zip file that contains a parameter file along with a template file. Open the downloaded template file in VS code.

Click on the 'eye' symbol (top right corner) which is highlighted in the above screenshot and this will give you a preview of resources that are there in the ARM template as below.

There are a couple of options available on the top bar which will allow you to upload a parameter file, presenting a different view as below.

I hope this article will help you to visualize Azure resources.

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Happy Designing  😊.