Installation Way Of Entity Framework In ASP.NET MVC 5


This article explains about the way of installation of Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC 5. This step-by-step process helps new learners and MVC application developers. We cannot use Entity framework without installation when opened in an empty MVC project. Entity framework does not install automatically. So, we need to install it manually while choosing an empty MVC Project.

Step 1

First, open Visual Studio and go to the file menu, select new project and select “Visual C#” in New Project window. Now, select ASP.NET Web Application and give project name in Name textbox and click on OK button.

Visual C#

Step 2

Select a MVC template in the template menu and click OK. If you need an Empty application, select Empty.

MVC template

Step 3

Go to menu bar, then select “TOOLS”. Under Tools menu, select “NuGet Packet Manager” and under NuGet Packet Manager, select “Manage NuGet Packages for Solutions”.


Step 4

Manage NuGet Packages window will open after selecting the “Manage NuGet Packages for Solutions”.

Now, select Online, like the below image and type “EntityFramework” in the text box of the  top right corner. Now, search in the “NuGet Packages” window and find Entity Framework.


Step 5

After getting Entity Framework, click the install button. Then, Select Projects Window will open. Click OK.


Step 6

License Acceptance window will appear, now. 

By clicking “I Accept,” you agree to the license terms for the package (s) listed above. If you do not agree to the license terms, click “I Decline.”

I Decline

Step 7

Entity frame work will start installing once you click “I accept”. After finishing the installation, you will see a green tick mark on Entity Framework.

Entity Framework

Step 8

We can verify whether the entity framework is installed or not. Just open the solution explorer and click and expand the reference. You can finally see the EntityFramework DLL.


I hope this step by step installation of Entity Framework proves very useful to the MVP application developers. My next article will explain how to use Entity Frame work in ASP.NET MVC.