Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) is Natural Language capability provided by Microsoft Azure. It sits on Azure Intelligent cloud and is offered as part of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Microsoft exposes the underlying Natural Language Processing Engine that can be trained by Developers for their business specific requirements. They need not worry about building a Natural Language Processing engine and just need to concentrate on the training aspect for the model or the engine. This makes development fast and life of developer easy.
In this series we will explore LUIS service in depth. This series would provide all necessary insights to build a LUIS solution. The current video focuses on the LUIS basics and in the next videos in the series we will concentrate on building a LUIS solution. Basic concepts of LUIS like Entity, Intent and Utterances are explained in this video. All information provided in this video would help understand the series better.

Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) - Introduction
Oct 22 2019

Abhishek Mishra

This is the first part for Language Understanding Intelligent Service series that highlights the basics of LUIS and gives an introduction.