In SharePoint Online, we can customize list forms using PowerApps. When you use Form control in PowerApps, it creates the fields for you automatically, depending upon the data source you choose. But it's just a list of fields which gets added in the form.

So, how to make such form look more professional, easier to understand, clean and clear for end-users? Well, there are various ways and properties provided in PowerApps which you can configure to modify the look and feel of the form. In this video, we will learn some of the tactics of how to modify the look and feel of PowerApps Forms.

Learning PowerApps Part 2 - Modify Look and feel of SharePoint Forms
Sep 16 2019

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article, we will see how to modify the look and feel of Forms in PowerApps, like how to hide/show fields conditionally, add custom fields, and use Parent.Width.