Manage The Number Of Items To Display In SharePoint List Or Library

A very important part of using any list or documents library is to get a fast response or be able to get data as soon as it is  requested. But it will affect the performance of any list or library if we have huge  amounts of data on it. The users are required to create multiple views for the required data and display the same on the list. This works if we have a small amount of data. If we have thousands of items in the same view, it will give us difficulty.

Thuus, we can limit the amount of items returned that can increase performance and consistency, as limiting the size means we will just lock the item view display on the screen with the specific limitation.

This setting will be Application for All List and Library which exists besides SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises.

The steps are given below to configure this, which is shown by the screenshots from document library

  • Login to the site and go to site contents page. Here, open any Docs library.

  • Open Docs file and we can see there will be a huge amount of data, which shows very little data where we can either increase or limit the number of items to display. Go to settings page, a shown below.

  • On the setting page, come down to view section and click on any of the created views.

  • View page will open, where we need to select item limit option and expand it. See the screenshot given below for more detail.

  • Here, we can see the number of items to display, where the default is set as 30, which we can reduce or increase also. Item Limit: Use an item limit to limit the amount of data which is returned to the users of this view. You can either make this an absolute limit or allow the users to view all the items in the list in batches of the specified size.

  • We can limit the total number of items, if we are going to select this option; it will show the limited amount of items on the list or library.

  • If we are going to select extend the items display; we can show 2147483641, which is maximum. See the screen shot given below for more details.

  • I have selected the 1000 number items to display. It will look like the screen shot given below.

  • Similarly, we will limit the number to display the items.

  • See the result given below.