Prior to MS Graph API, Microsoft had different APIs for it's different Office 365 and cloud products. Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Yammer all had their different APIs to interact with them.

Let me give you an example on the steps involved while dealing with different Office 365 APIs in an application:

  • Find the URL/endpoint of the API
  • Authenticate / get access token
  • Get results from the API
  • Repeat for each service
  • Manage multiple tokens for each API

If a developer have to connect to multiple APIs (like Outlook, yammer, SharePoint etc)in an application, it was very cumbersome to manage.

Do you want to know what is Microsoft Graph API? Why was MS Graph API introduced?

In this video I have explained answers to these questions and other details that you can use during development or integration of Office 365 services in your application. Also, you will find in detail explanation of how to use MS Graph Explorer and use of MS Graph postman collection.

Implementation of a Console application to call Office 365 services using MS Graph Rest API call.


PFB links for:

Graph Explorer:


MS Graph Postman collection:

API collection:

Environment Collection: ?

Microsoft Graph API for Developers
Oct 03 2019

Abhijeet Jadhav

This session explains the Microsoft Graph API. It also provides a deep dive understanding of development using Graph API. Graph Explorer and Postman collection released for Microsoft Graph are explained in detail.