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The willingness of participants and take an initiative rather than blaming and giving reasons.

This article answers the following questions,

  • What is Performance & How to Perform?
  • Characteristics of Strong Performer
  • What is Task Maturity?
  • Performance Problem
  • How to Improve Your Performance?
  • How to Building a Mindset for Exceptional Performance? 

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What is Performance?

Performance = Work Activities + Results

Performance is work activities plus results.

Let’s understand this by some real-life examples:

  • Service Provider: Answering the phone is only one activity. But, answering the phone call and resolving the customer problem is known as performance.
  • Sales Personnel: Making the sales call is only one activity. But, making the sales call and getting an appointment to do a demo or closing the deal is performance.

Simply, performance is the production of valid results.

  • Valid Results = Error Free + Deliverables + On Target Timeline

How to Perform?

  • Being
    It is an attitude of excellence, achievement, and expertise. It insure that everything is done to the best of your ability the first time and every time. It‘s further expressed my willingness to learn. Get’s better and not settle for the get-by.
  • Doing
    It’s not only just do it. But, it’s all about just do it right. It should not letting things fall through the cracks but puts extra effort and volunteering for difficult assignments.
  • Reporting
    It’s all about showing doing and informing the doing.
  • Feedback
    It’s about collecting feedback on doing and reporting.

Characteristics of Strong Performer

A strong performer is a consistent exemplary performance even in demanding situations or circumstances.

Characteristics of a strong performer are,

  • Consistent
  • Performs even in demanding situations
  • Effectively prioritize the work
  • Adaptable for changing priorities, rapid change, etc.
  • Have technical and professional expertise
  • Uses expertise to update others
  • Builds relations
  • Takes initiative
  • Plan along with the backup plan
  • Accurate
  • Innovative

What is Task Maturity?

Task maturity is the degree to which a person can work independently to complete the task with the required standards. 

It is not necessarily related to the age of a person.

It is the combination of ability and willingness to carry out the work.

  • Task Maturity is the combination of Ability and Willingness.
  • Ability is the combination of Knowledge & Related Experience.
  • Willingness is the combination of Confidence and Motivation.

Task maturity levels might be different for different people at work but may also vary between different parts of a person‘s job. 

For example, a secretary might show high task maturity for dealing with telephone queries but low task maturity for filing.

Performance Problem

PROBLEM = Deviation from expectations

Key performance problems are,

  • Do something in a different way
  • Not do something
  • Do something not expected/needed

How to Improve Your Performance?

One can improve performance by,

  • Develop the ability to think clearly and logically
  • Present ideas effectively and in a way that is easily understood
  • Be confident in conducting oneself and in presenting ideas
  • Understand priorities and Time Lines.
  • Dissolve conflict
  • Remain composed
  • Be a good listener
  • Be understanding 
  • Beat stress
  • Be proactive
  • Motivate others
  • Be Realistic
  • Be a continuous learner
  • Be professional
  • Build good relationships
  • Be flexible
  • Dress appropriately

Characteristics of Weak Performer

Some of the Characteristics of a Weak Performer are,

  • Are content to leave the performance at existing levels.
  • Disown responsibility for their own tasks.
  • Distance themselves from responsibility for the team's performance.
  • Undermine confidence by focusing on difficulties, problems, and obstacles.
  • Don't involve team members where appropriate.
  • React to symptoms rather than trying to understand the underlying causes.

How to Building a Mindset for Exceptional Performance?

One can build an exceptional performance mindset by:

  • Develop awareness of the powerful relationship between your thinking, your behaviors, and the results you achieve.
  • Build a positive and powerful energy source that is resilient to a variety of both positive and negative learning experiences.
  • Develop the strategy of thinking forward, where you approach challenges on the front foot.
  • Ignite a motivational source that is high-energy, passionate, curiously exploring your best, thriving under pressure, and resilient to performance stressors.
  • Build empowering beliefs that see you believing in yourself and in what you are doing, despite a range of feedback.
  • Learn how to approach the future with fortitude through the use of a practical skill-based coping strategy.
  • Achieve laser-like clarity of focus by taking aim at your performance goals, and learning to focus on the right thing, at the right time, despite distraction.


Great life starts with your strong performance - make it your first priority!

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