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  • Why You Should Always Be Ready To Switch Your Job

    Keep calm; I will not advise you something wrong but something that will make you a great professional having a lot of knowledge and readiness for the changing world.
  • How To Become A Speaker

    All speakers had to give their very first session once. We all had to bite the bullet and face the fear of no one wanting to hear us talk, what if I teach something wrong, or what if I throw up bec...
  • How Volunteering Strengthens Your Commitment

    Volunteering helps us in many ways. We will see here how volunteering strengthens our commitment. The most visible benefit is it boosts your commitment.
  • Leadership Challenge 008 - Lead Like The Great Conductors

    I have come across a great video by Itay Talgam – Lead like the great conductors. There are some great take-aways from all the different examples. Consider how to lead within your own world.
  • A Respectful Response

    I typically don’t write opinion posts,but given recent events I thought it was important to follow up on one of my tweets. Last week, I tweeted about Stack Exchange and my thoughts on the lack of r...
  • Welcome Ritesh Modi As Featured Columnist For Blockchain and Solidity

    Ritesh Modi, a Blockchain and Solidity expert, joins the C# Corner community as a featured columnist.
  • C# Corner Welcomes Henry He

    C# Corner welcomes the innovative developer Henry He to the community. as a technology expert.
  • Leadership Challenge 007 - The Best Coaching Question Ever

    I have come across a great article by Keith Rosen – focusing on asking the right questions. Do not focus on the fact that this uses some sales examples. Consider how to leverage this strategy withi...
  • Leadership Challenge 006 - The Puzzle Of Motivation

    I would like to extend my coaching services to this group. If you feel you could benefit from 1-on-1 coaching, would just like to discuss an idea or are struggling with a specific situation free to...
  • Mahesh Chand Joins Stratis Board

    Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner has joined Stratis as an adviser.
  • Leadership Challenge 005 - Coach To Win, Not To Fix

    Hello my friends!!! I am starting to see success in my role helping drive adoption by leveraging the Modern Workplace. My hometown is going crazy over the Super Bowl win by our Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Leadership Challenge 004 - The Happy Secret To Better Work!!!

    Hello my friends and Happy New Year!!! It has been a fun couple of months within Microsoft as a Customer Success Manager, driving adoption across MS solutions (Modern Workplace) within the organiza...
  • Leadership Challenge 003 - Focus On The WHY

    Hello my friends! It has been an exciting month for me as I have just taken a position within Microsoft. My role will be as a Customer Success Manager, driving adoption across MS solutions (Modern ...
  • Leadership Challenge 002 - What Is Your Coaching Fitbit

    Many people have embraced the "Fitbit" craze. The company has great marketing: “Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find ...
  • How To Motivate Others

    Motivation is a short-term push and hence it is a pointed approach towards a goal. Everyone has a reason to seek motivation, but rarest of rare would have a reason to stay motivated. There is a dif...
  • Leadership Challenge 001 - Positive Reinforcement

    I wanted to take a different approach for this leadership/coaching article. My goal is to get more participant involvement within the C# Corner community. I really enjoyed Mahesh Chand’s articl...
  • The Value Of Coaching And The Dangers Of Telling

    I have led many global training sessions on leadership and coaching. I typically start by asking, “what is coaching?”. The responses of most people gravitate towards an answer consisting of making ...
  • Welcome Lou Troilo Featured Columnist for Coaching and Leadership

    I am excited to welcome Lou Troilo to the C# Corner community. Lou will be our featured columnist for Coaching/Leadership/Employee Development.
  • What Is The Goal Of Your Leadership?

    There needs to be a focus on maximizing the performance of people developing creative solutions. Why are development projects late? Why do development projects succeed? The answer typically comes ...
  • C# Corner Welcomes Chris Love

    C# Corner welcomes Chris Love to the community.
  • C# Corner Welcomes Tim Yocum

    Team C# Corner is pleased and honored to welcome Tim Yocum to the community.
  • C# Corner Welcomes Tomas Herceg

    Tomas Herceg joins C# Corner portal as an expert author.
  • Ways To Create Effective Workforce Development Plans

    This blog talk about the ways to create workforce development plan in order to make new and existing employee successful.
  • Giving to receive

    An introduction, and hello!
  • Microsoft leadership changes to align with the vision and strategy

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out an email to all Microsoft employees announcing changes in the leadership.
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