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  • Pranav Mittal

    Mahesh Chand Joins Stratis Board

    Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner has joined Stratis as an adviser.
    Pranav Mittal Feb 27, 2018
  • Mahesh Chand

    Welcome Lou Troilo Featured Columnist for Coaching and Leadership

    I am excited to welcome Lou Troilo to the C# Corner community. Lou will be our featured columnist for Coaching/Leadership/Employee Development.
    Mahesh Chand Jul 31, 2017
  • Pranav Mittal

    C# Corner Welcomes Chris Love

    C# Corner welcomes Chris Love to the community.
    Pranav Mittal Jul 27, 2017
  • Pranav Mittal

    C# Corner Welcomes Tim Yocum

    Team C# Corner is pleased and honored to welcome Tim Yocum to the community.
    Pranav Mittal Jul 03, 2017
  • Pranav Mittal

    C# Corner Welcomes Tomas Herceg

    Tomas Herceg joins C# Corner portal as an expert author.
    Pranav Mittal Jun 29, 2017
  • Amit Diwan

    Microsoft leadership changes to align with the vision and strategy

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out an email to all Microsoft employees announcing changes in the leadership.
    Amit Diwan Jun 18, 2015
  • Praveen Moosad

    Know Your MVP - Sachin Kalia

    This month we are featuring one of the top community contributors and MVP, Sachin Kalia.
    Praveen Moosad Dec 24, 2014
  • Praveen Moosad

    Register for Microsoft Ignite Conference

    Register for Microsoft Ignite before 11 December for a discount.
    Praveen Moosad Nov 25, 2014
  • Praveen Moosad

    Ajay Yadav Awarded C# Corner MVP

    Ajay Yadav has been awarded C# Corner MVP for maximum contribution in a single month.
    Praveen Moosad Nov 10, 2014
  • Praveen Moosad

    Top 10 Career Advice by C# Corner Experts

    Top 10 Career Advice to improve our career and lives and what could be the better way than learning from experienced and experts.
    Praveen Moosad Sep 01, 2014
  • Dinesh Beniwal

    Congratulations Destin Joy On Completing 200 Articles

    C# Corner Congratulates Destin Joy on completing 200 articles on SharePoint.
    Dinesh Beniwal Aug 26, 2014
  • Vulpes

    Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO

    Steve Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO
    Vulpes Aug 23, 2013
  • DamianDSkipper Pitts

    The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

    The premise this book, "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs," is to inspire you to create a transparent, open-book company as a path to success. Part of that success is that employees are contributing ...
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