Sky Boxes In Unity


This article demonstrates how to add skyboxes in your Unity project.


Unity Environment version 5.6.1

First, you have to download the classic skybox and Asset store.

The download links are mentioned below.

Classic skybox!/content/24923

Assets store!/content/32351

Once again, refer my previous article to get started

Create terrain, trees, and water

Step 1

First, you have to open the Unity project. Classic skybox and Assets store can be added in your project. Select the brush tool and go to Edit textures. Select the grass hill textures. The texture is applied on the terrain.


Click on the Standard Assets and select the Environment. Go to Water (basic) and select prefabs. Drag and drop the water. Then, select the scaling tool to increase & decrease the water length and width.  

Click on the Tree tool. Go to the Edit tree option and select adleaf textures. Then, click on the "Add" button.


Spread the trees like the follwoing.
Add Skybox

Step 2

Select Window menu in the menu bar and go to  Lighting >> Settings option.


The Settings window will be opened. Select Scene and click on the red marked symbol. 
The skybox assets will be displayed. Select the sky09 texture to add in your Scene View.

You can change the sky texture as per your desire. Click on the skybox textures and it will apply the changes.


I selected sky04. The sky is changed.


Close the Settings window.


Click on the "Play" button. The Game View will be displayed.


Again, click on the Play button to come back to Scene View. Click on the Game object and select Camera.


Camera is added in the Hierarchy View. Change the camera position. Select the Component menu in the menu bar, click on Rendering and pick the Skybox option. 


The Skybox is added into the inspector. Click on the red marked symbol.

Select another sky texture. The sky will be added. It can be displayed into the camera preview.

Click on the Play button. The camera sky will be changed.


This is the main camera sky.



I hope, you understood how to add Skyboxes in Unity.