SQL Server Reporting Services


With the launch of the SQL Server 2005, working with reporting services has been simplified to some extent. Thanks to, Business Intelligence Studio (BI). BI Studio once installed with the SQL Server 2005 offers an interface similar to VS 2005.Net.

Assuming the user or developer has created a team reports using VSTS or BI Studio, he might want to carry out modifications in the reports (often referred to Team Reports).  

There are two ways in which you can modify the Team Reports (.rdl). We will explain both the mechanisms one at a time as stated below:-

  1. Using the Report site.
  2. Using the Business Intelligence Studio.

In this article I'll outline the procedure to modify the team reports using first method i.e. using report site. My next article would walk through the second method. Appropriate screen shots have been added to re-enforce your understanding.

In the procedure that I have outlined below, we have the three different layers -> App Tier/ Business Layer/Data Layer.  Data Layer has the SQL Server 2005 running. From the app tier follow the following instructions:-

To Modify the reports in VSTS in case the BI Studio in not available on the machine having VSTS

  1. Make sure the SQL Server 2005 in data tier is up and running in the same domain.
  2. Open the internet explorer. Type in the url where the reports reside on the data tier. For demo purpose we used :- http://tfsjdata/reports/ 

    You will be re-directed to

    Similarly, for your case, replace the tfsjdata with the address of your server where SQL Server 2005 with BIS is there. "This is what I meant by report site"

  3. On the site you'll have a few templates. Click on the TfsReportsDS. You will find tabs at the top as shown -> Contents/ Properties/Reports.

    Click on reports or contents which ever is shown in the tabs. It will list down all the    existing reports.

  4. Click open one of the reports sayBug List and bring up the properties. By default, you will have the focus on views. Click on the "properties" Tab.

  5. Click on General and there will be two links under Report Definition ->Edit and Update

  6. Click on Edit and save the file on the system (i.e. app tier)
  7. Then, open the file in the VSTS or note pad and make some changes and save them.

  8. Go back to report definition and click on Update as indicated by the arrow in the fugure below.

  9. Browse to the updated file and Press OK.

You can re-open the report to verify that changes do persist.

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