Task Management In SharePoint(On-Prim/Online) - Part One


This is a big challenge for the organizations who are working on a project to manage the information related to a project/task. For this, they create their own tool or they manage project-related information in the form of paper documentation.

So,here we go.

What is a Task List in SharePoint?

As the name explains, that it is something related to Task. In SharePoint, we have lots of things out of the box. Task list is a list in SharePoint that is basically used to manage the people specific tasks or team specific tasks in an organization.

In simple words, we can say that this is a list that store task related information.

How to create a Task list in SharePoint?

Remember that for this scenario we are using SharePoint Online (Trail in our case).
To create a task list in SharePoint first we login to our SharePoint Online site.


After logging in into our SharePoint online site, we see a home page such as this.

home page

This is the default look and feel of our SharePoint Online Team Site.

We can add a Task list on our site by two ways,

  1. By clicking on Working on a deadline?(an image) at the homepage.(We explore it in our next article)
  2. By using Site Contents option of SharePoint.

In this article, we are going to use the second option.

So, click on setting icon on the top left. After clicking on setting icon there is an option called Site contents. Click on Site contents.

Click on Site contents

After clicking on Site contents, we have to look at how we create a task list,

Click on add an app,

add an app

After clicking on the above icon we redirect to a page. There are many options to add a different type of list and libraries, but we need task list.

So click on Tasks icon (This is not just an icon but it is a way to create a task list in our SharePoint environment).

create a task list

Just enter your list name in the text area and click create. If we want to see some advanced options related to task list then click on Advanced Options.

So here is our Task List,

Site content

Now it's time to put some information on our list. Open your Task List by clicking on the list icon.

This is the default view of our list when we first open our list.

Task list

Now click on new task to enter some information in our list so that after we can perform some useful action on our task.

Enter some task related information into fields


This is the default edit window of our task list. In our upcoming articles on Task Management Series, we explore it more.

Fill the details as below-

  • Enter the name of the task.
  • Enter start date
  • Enter due date.
  • Type the person name to whom you want to assign a task.

Click on save.

Now this is our final data in Task List

new task

To add more tasks in our list follow the same process as above.


In this article we went through some basics of Task List in SharePoint and how we can create a task list in SharePoint. In our next article, we are going to see how we can take benefits from Task List and many more good thing that we can do with our Tasks.

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