Map Multiple Calendars To One In SharePoint 2013 And Office 365

In this article we are going to see how to Map Multiple Calendars to one view in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365. We developers often get a requirement as to merge two or more calendars.

Now, we will see how to do it.

Here is a way.
  • Let’s create a Calendar.

  • Go to the gear icon on the right side of your site and click on ‘Add an app’.

    Add an app

  • Find calendar and click on it.

    Find Calendar

  • Add a Calendar and name it Calendar1.

    Add a Calendar

  • Similarly, add a second calendar and name it Calendar 2.

    add a second calendar

  • Open the first Calendar.

    first Calendar

  • You will find your calendar view on the left side of the SharePoint site as per the screen below.

    SharePoint site

  • Currently it shows one view so click on the option ‘Calendars in View’ to add new calendars.

  • You will come to the following Calendar Overlay Settings.

    Calendar Overlay Settings

  • Click on New Calendar.


  • You will come up to the page where you need to give details about the other calendar you want to add.

    1. Calendar Name: Give a name to your calendar.

    2. Type of Calendar: Choose whether it is a SharePoint or an Exchange Calendar.

    3. Description: Provide a description to your new calendar if you have any.

    4. Color: Choose a color which will display your events separated from the other calendar.

    5. Web URL: Here this link will be auto populated if you want to select a calendar from the same web, if not provide the url of the web and click on Resolve.

    6. List: Once you resolve the web, it will populate all the calendars here available on the web.

    7. List View: Once you select the calendar, it will populate all the views available on the selected calendar.

    8. Always show: Choose the option, if you always want to display the other calendar.

    Here you can see all he values, click on Okay.

    Name and type

  • Once you click on Okay, you will see the screen below with the other calendars you have added on the view.

  • Click on OK.

    Click on OK

  • You will both the calendars mapped to Calendar 1 and the events on Calendar 1 will display in blue color whereas it will display in green for the events created in the Calendar 2.

    Calendar 2

Hence here we saw how to map or merge multiple calendars to a single calendar view. Keep reading and keep learning.

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