The "One Minute DevOps" #3 - Azure Boards

Series Introduction

Welcome to a new series of short articles I am presenting about DevOps, specifically in the Azure DevOPs stack. The objective is that you will learn about an Azure-based DevOPs service in no more than one minute and thus, quickly get familiar with the entire stack over a short period of time. These are going short, easily digestible articles; so let's get started

Azure Boards...

The One Minute DevOps - Part 3
In the first two articles, we look at the different components that make up Azure DevOps. In this and the next articles we will look a little deeper at each component, its features and benefits.  This article starts with Azure Boards.
Azure Devops


Azure Boards is a task management based service that tightly integrates with the other Azure DevOps services. Boards allows the user to colloberate and track all work items through the entiure development lifecycle. The team can use boards to track tasks, work status, user stories, backloigs, features and also get notified and resolve bugs and defects throughout projects.

Tasks move through a simple work-flow, with the status of each task moving through various stages, typically 'To do', 'Doing', and 'Done', or 'New', 'Active' etc.

As a task status is updated, it progresses through the different stages in the board.

Azure boards features

Azure Boards have specific features that are critical to the successful managment of projects,
  • Scalability
    The system scales as the organization and team grows – this is critical to ensure we can measure and manage the work regardless of the organization or project size.

  • Interactive/Visual tools and easy to customize
    Work progress can be easily monitored and customize boards, using common configurable dialog.

  • Built-in Tools and capture information
    Items are designed to help in Editing, adding images, and attachments can be done on these work items.

  • Extensions
    you can achieve more functionality by adding a Marketplace extension. Extensions are installable units that add enhancements to the already existing tools.

  • Integration with GitHub
    It is easy to connect to GitHub and you can perform a pull, push, and commit requests easily.


In addition to entering tasks and progressing them across the lifetime of the project and task in the aord, you can also use the extensive reporting features of Azure Boards to help manage the project and its overall progress.
Learn more....
To dive deep and learn more about Azure Boards, check out the great resources adn videos on the Microsoft DevOps getting started page Getting started with Azure Boards