Tip: How to use Multiple Page Headers in Crystal Reports?

Recently, I came across a problem in Crystal Reports. I wanted to display a separate page header on the first page of the report than the rest of the page. On first page of the report, I wanted to display a big company logo with some instructions on it and on rest of the pages; I wanted to display a small company logo.


You can achieve this by adding two page headers sections to the report and adding a formula for suppressing the section. I created two page header sections and formatted them the way I wanted on my first page and rest of the pages. The idea is you want to suppress the second header on the first page and suppress first header on the rest of the pages.  

To do so, you create a formula (see X-2) for Suppress option. The formula is: PageNumber<>1. For rest of the pages, you create formula PageNumber = 1.

That's all.


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