Understanding Your Internet Speed Converting Mbps to MBps



The internet speed is measured in bps (bits per second), but we measure it in Mbps (Megabits per second) to be more transparent and understandable. However, this can be confusing for an ordinary person.

So, if you have a file of 50 MB on an Internet connection of 400Mbps, it will be transferred in one second.

But if you have a 1GB file on the Internet at 1Gbps, it will take 8 seconds.

The data transfer does not always use the full Internet speed, and it takes more time in normal conditions.

We calculate the speed in MBbps (Megabytes) by dividing by eight and transforming the bits into bytes, resulting in this table.

Mbps MBps
10 1
20 3
30 4
40 5
50 6
100 13
200 25
300 38
400 50
500 63
600 75
700 88
800 100
900 113
1000 125
8000 1000

The last value indicates that we need an 8Gbps connection to have a speed of 1GB.

Here is a tip for testing your Internet speed:

Use the fast.com to use the Netflix speed test. It does not display the same results as other sites because Netflix calculates the connection quality.

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