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C# Corner Country President Brazil, Developer C# .NET Fullstack Senior, System Analyst, Lawtech Developer, CEO in Menphis - Sistemas Inteligentes. I was an intern programmer who became a system analyst before starting college. In 1994 I designed by myself a MRP II system for Olvebra enterprise, a large industry in Brazil. I started my own company in 1996, Menphis, as a consultant and began to design a lawtech software in 1997,, the most advanced law system in Brazil, it runs in C# 10 ASP.NET Ajax, WinForms .NET 6.0 with AI and Windows services using Telerik by Progress with tons of custom improvements. I am also, a social media analyst, IT administrator of Most of my knowledge is self-taught, I read about psychology, neuro science, colour meaning and semiotics, to better understand users and make a better, intuitive and self-explanatory UX.