Using Data Lake Store In Azure


In this article, I will explain how to use Data Lake in Azure portal. Before getting started, let’s have an overview of Azure Data Lake. Azure Data Lake is a highly scalable data storage & analytics Service. The Service is hosted in the Azure public Cloud and is largely intended for big data storage & analysis.


An active Azure subscription.

Creating an Azure Data Lake Store account

Login to your Azure account.

From the left navigation, click->New-> click Data + storage->click ->Azure Data Lake Store, followed by clicking Create in the bottom left corner.


In the New Data Lake Store, we need to provide the following, as shown in the screen given below.

Provide a unique name for your Azure Data Lake Store account.

Select the subscription, as per your choice, for which you need to create a new Data Lake Store account.

Create a new Data Lake resource group.

Select a location, where you want to create and make Data Lake available.

We can choose to encrypt Data Lake Store. If you choose to encrypt, you need to specify how to manage the master encryption keys, so that we can use it to encrypt the data in the account.


Optional Select- Do not enable encryption from the dropdown to opt out of an encryption.

By default, select Use keys managed by Data Lake- If we want Data Lake Store to manage the encryption keys, we can also select the encryption through an Azure key vault, but I have selected using the keys;which are provided by Data Lake in this article.

Click OK in encryption settings & notifications will appear for the successful deployment.


Creating folders in data lake Store account

We can create the folders in Data Lake Store account to manage & store the data.

Open Data Lake Store account, as we created it in this article. In the left pane, click Browse, click Data Lake Store. From Data Lake Store, click the account name under which you want to create the folders.

In Data Lake Store account, click Data explorer.


From Data Lake Store, click New folder & provide a name for the folder. Click OK.


The created folder will be displayed in the Data Explorer.

Uploading data to Data Lake Store

We can upload the data to Data Lake Store by going directly to a folder, which we created within the account.


Browse the file, which we needed to upload into store in upload management & after selecting the file, click Add selected items.

The file will be uploaded and we can do the following functions on the store given below.

Select download to download the file to your computer.

Select rename file to rename the file.

Select delete file to delete the file.


If you wish to delete the file, confirm the action and you will be prompted to enter the name of the account; enter the name of the account & subsequently click Delete.

I hope, you learned something & feel free to ask questions. Thanks for reading.