What is AWS Outposts

Imagine you want to run your own data center but want to have all benefits AWS cloud provides. AWS Outposts is your answer. AWS Outposts let you build and host AWS cloud on-premise that is run and managed by your team. AWS Outposts brings AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to your data center or on-premises facility.
What is AWS Outposts 
AWS Outposts have two options - VMware Cloud and AWS native. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts allows you to use the same VMware control panel and APIs you use to run your infrastructure. AWS native variant of AWS Outposts allows you to use the same exact APIs and control plane you use to run in the AWS cloud, but on-premises.
AWS Outposts infrastructure is fully managed, maintained, and supported by AWS to deliver access to the latest AWS services. Getting started is easy, you simply log into the AWS Management Console to order your Outposts servers, choosing from a wide range of compute and storage options. You can order one or more servers, or quarter, half, and full rack units.
What are the benefits of AWS Outposts
Extend AWS on-premises
AWS Outposts enable you to develop once and deploy in the AWS cloud or on-premises without having to rewrite your applications. With Outposts, you have the same hardware and software infrastructure and a consistent set of services and tools across your AWS cloud and on-premises environments to build and run modern, cloud-native applications anywhere.
Choice of management planes
AWS Outposts allow you to choose the AWS native variant of AWS Outposts or the VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts variant as your management plane for your APIs, management console, automation, governance policies, and security controls for all your applications across the AWS cloud and on-premises locations.
Fully managed
AWS Outposts are fully managed and supported by AWS, and AWS automatically manages and updates AWS Outposts as part of its ongoing operations in the public AWS region. You do not have to worry about updating or patching infrastructure.
Future-proof infrastructure
AWS Outposts allow you to choose from a wide selection of compute, memory, and storage options based on your needs. Outposts can be easily upgraded with the latest hardware and next-generation instances to run all your native AWS and VMware applications.
Learn more about AWS Outposts here: https://aws.amazon.com/outposts/
Here a detailed video on AWS Outposts