What Is Xamarin Live Player?

Xamarin allows app developers to build cross-platform native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms, using C# and .NET. However, until now, to build, test and debug iOS apps, app developers needed a Mac, and to build, test and debug Android apps, the developers needed a Xamarin environment configured with Java and Google SDKs.

Last week, in the #MSBuild keynote, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson demonstrated iOS app development without a Mac, using new Xamarin Live Player and Visual Studio 2017. Xamarin Live Player is an app for Android and iOS, which allows the developers to continuously build, test and debug their apps directly from Visual Studio 2017 IDE.

Xamarin Live Player does not completely remove the need for a Mac and Java SDKs. To completely develop your app for iOS and Android, you’ll need to install and configure a complete Xamarin development environment, which requires a Mac for iOS tools or Java SDKs for an Android.

After downloading Xamarin Live Player, the developers can pair their device with Visual Studio 2017 and you won’t need a Mac or other machines anymore.

Xamarin Live Player is available to download for both iOS and Android.

Watch this video to get started with the Xamarin Live Player.



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