Working With CheckBox Control In Microsoft PowerApps

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In PowerApps, we can add the CheckBox control.

CheckBox Control

This is a control with which the user can specify a value by dragging a handle. It is a control that the user can select or clear to set its value to true or false. The user can select or deselect it. When a check box is selected, it has the value True and when it is cleared; it holds the value False.

Follow the steps, mentioned below to work with CheckBox control in PowerApps.

Step 1

Log into the PowerApps

After downloading PowerApps from the Window store, we need a Microsoft related organization’s Office 365 ID or MSDN, Microsoft, Skype, Office 365 etc. to login with it.

Step 2
Create a new app in PowerApp

After login, we can see the dashboard. Subsequently, we click on the New button.


Step 3

Choose the Blank app.


Step 4
Designing the app

Now, let's start designing the app. On the left side, we can see the Individual Screens to add our data. On the right side, we see the list of layouts. On the top, we see the formula bar.

Subsequently, you will see the Properties of the screen which you selected. On the right side, we see the add DataSource to add the external DataSource.


Step 5

Drag and drop the CheckBox control.
  1. Go to the Insert menu, control and drag the CheckBox control.


  2. Drop the CheckBox Control on the screen.


  3. Rename the CheckBox name to chkReserve.


  4. Change the Content “Reserve the Date”.


Step 6

Drag and drop the Date Picker control.

  1. Go to the Insert menu. Subsequently, it controls and drags the Date Picker control.


  2. Drop the Date Picker control on the screen.


  3. Add the Options.
    Select the Date Picker control and add the code, mentioned below.

    Coding If(chkReserve.Value = true, true)


Step 8

Run the app.


Output 1

Main Screen will look as follows.


Output 2

Click Check Box control to reserve the date.


Output 3

Click on the Date Picker control to change the date.


Output 4

Select the date and click OK button.


Output 5

Now, the date is changed.



I hope, you understood how to Add the CheckBox control in Microsoft PowerApps and how to run it.

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