In this episode of MVP Show, We have C# Corner MVP Bohdan Stupak where he talks about Application Performance.

A lot of articles/talks about application performance focus on obscure subjects such as GC shenanigans attempts to fit single command into processor cache, intimidating walls of unmanaged code, etc. On the contrary, in my talk I'll cover performance tricks you'll likely encounter in every line-of-business application.

You will learn

  • When to prefer synchronous communication
  • How to use caching
  • What are the practical examples of data structures you've learned in high school
  • What are the benefits of lazy loading before eager one
  • Why is Stream preferable over an array of bytes
  • Recap SpanT

Your Daily Application Performance
Jul 11 2022

C# Corner Live

Watch Bohdan Stupak as he talks about Your Daily Application Performance.