Currency Symbol In NopCommerce

NopCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform on the web. I have discussed the features of it in my previous blog. If you have missed it, you can find here.

In this blog, we will configure the setting for displaying the currency symbol. I will use an example of displaying the Indian Rupee symbol.

In the Admin panel, open Currencies section from Configuration --> Currencies.


You can open the demo Admin panel from here.

Add new currencies by clicking the "Add New" button at the top right corner, as shown in below image.

Below are the settings we have to set while adding the new currency.

Name - India
Currency Code - INR
Rate - 1 (this is for my case as INR is primary currency )
Display locale - English en-IN
Custom Formatting - leave blank

Below is the screenshot.

That's it. Now, your currency is set to INR. 

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