Introducing the "What is.... " blog series


There is a rush of new technologies being released at a super fast pace. As developers/technologically oriented professionals, it is important to keep in sync with new technological offerings, along with maintaining and enhancing expertise on existing technologies and working/adding value to our day jobs and having a life outside of the flat screen monitors.

How, as normal human beings, are we supposed to keep up with all these things, without completely forgetting that we are supposed to have a social life and family interactions? (uh yeah, there's other people on the planet too :) )

I believe, the answer is "chunking" - if we can spend just 5 or 10 minutes a day looking up something new or refreshing our brains on something known, it will add up to a bunch.

I am planning to contribute a blog series which will contain small tidbits on various technologies - the objective being to familiarize with various areas. These will mainly contain the vendor definitions and may also contain some small pointers.

Please feel free to contribute on new suggestions/ideas.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Let's move as a community, so we can excel AT THE TOP!

What is.... Blogs

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