Received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 7th time

Thank you Microsoft once again for recognizing me and my contributions.


I am very excited and happy to share with you that once again I have received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. Microsoft has been awarding me this prestigious MVP Award for the last seven consecutive years. Even though I have received it many times, I feel the same happiness as I felt when I got it the first time. I carry this award with pride and the below mail from Microsoft gives me motivation to work harder and smarter.


The first time I got the Microsoft MVP award was in 2010 and I've been getting it each year after that. I have been getting it for different areas of expertise.


Note: WCF is also known as Connected System Developer (CSD)

Since 2010, technology has changed a lot, it has changed so much that now you have Bash shell in Windows and Android Emulator in Visual Studio. It’s tough to be relevant in a continuously changing ecosystem. However, I will try to keep contributing as a speaker, blogger, and developer evangelist.

In 2015 the stats of my contributions were as follows:


Thank You Note

These contributions would not have been possible without the constant help and motivation from my employer Infragistics and my boss Jason Beres. I love my job as a developer evangelist here, and I will promote the culture of Infragistics to create more awareness about technology in the developer community.

I would also like to thank the C-SharpCorner community and Mahesh Chand for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their chapters and conference.

I would also like to thank the Microsoft India evangelism team, India MVP Lead Biplab Paul, and Gandharv Rawat for their continuous support.

Once again thank you so much everyone for being part of this journey.

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