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Copy new added folder in source folder to target folder

Apr 15 2019 12:17 AM
Hello guys,
I have using visual C# in Visual Studio, my interface have 1 button only.
In day 1, I have click a button then automatically the folder "20190401*" in 'Source' folder copied to 'Target' folder. But in day 2, the new downloaded folder "20190402" in 'Source' folder wouldn't copy to 'target' folder after I click a button again because it cannot overwrite the existed "20190401" folder in 'Target folder'.
The result that I expected, 'Target' folder will collects "201904**"folder daily by clicking button once a day. Furthermore, only [3] files in folder "201904**" name start with "text" + "*.*" will be copy to 'Target' folder. Do you guys have any idea to solve this problem?

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