Active Directory Java Connector Is Open Sourced Now

DDC is designed to help free up precious time for the ‘big’ tasks. The goal of this library is to make easy interaction with any LDAP Directory Server.

Imperva, a leading cybersecurity solutions company, has publicly released the source code to Domain Directory Controller (DDC), an Active Directory Java software development kit (SDK) designed to simplify AD interaction for small, medium and large projects.
This library aims to create an easy interaction with any LDAP Directory Server by hiding all the related communication's issues and internal bits-and-bytes.
Unlike Java’s base LdapContext, DDC makes use of Apache Directory LDAP and adds enhancements to simplify tasks like managing primary/secondary server connections, query pagination, and automatic reconnection attempts. It provides an abstraction API over top of the LDAP query syntax. By providing an enumeration of Active Directory fields, it gives developers an easy and statically-typed way of building working queries.
This SDK was created by Gabriel Beyo, and is available under an Apache 2 license. You can visit Imperva’s official Open Source repository here.