Amazon Announces GA Of Location Service

Amazon announces general availability of Location Service along with new Routing and Satellite imagery capabilities.

Recently, AWS announced that it is making Amazon Location generally available along with two new features: routing and satellite imagery.

Amazon Location enables developers to build location-based applications with a native integration with AWS services. It makes use of trusted location providers like Esri and HERE and customers remain in control of their data.

Amazon Location includes:

  • Maps that helps in visualizing location information.
  • Places that allows your application to offer point-of-interest search functionality, and convert addresses into geographic coordinates in latitude and longitude. You can also convert a coordinate into a street address.
  • Routes feature helps in driving distance, directions, and estimated arrival time in your application.
  • Trackers feature enables you to retrieve the current and historical location of the devices running your tracking-enabled application.
  • Geofences is a feature that give the application the ability to detect and act when a tracked device enters or exits a geographical boundary you define as a geofence.

Satellite imagery helps you to pack your maps with information and provides more context to the map users. It enables 'the map users answer questions like “Is there a swamp in that area?” or “What does that building look like?"'

You can get started with satellite imagery maps, from the Amazon Location console. There 'On Create a new map', select Esri Imagery. 

Source: AWS

Using Routes, you can request the travel time, distance, and all directions between two locations. Application users will be able to obtain accurate travel-time estimates based on live road and traffic information. You can provide extra attributes when you use the route feature like Waypoints, Departure time, and Travel mode.

Location Service is now generally available in the US East, US East, US West, Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (Stockholm).