AndroidX Now A Part Of Android Open Sourcing Project

Google is now moving AndroidX to the public Android Open Sourcing Project (AOSP) better known as Jetpack.

Google is now moving AndroidX to the public Android Open Sourcing Project (AOSP). AndroidX, previously known as Android Support Library, used to be a set of libraries that provided backward compatibility of Android platform APIs. Now, it has become a part of Android Jetpack that was announced recently at Google I/O 2018. 
The aim of the move seems to provide the users a more transparent environment because fixing of bugs and primary feature development will now be open and visible to the users following the change. The company says - 
"Jetpack comprises the androidx.* package libraries, unbundled from the platform APIs. This means that it offers backward compatibility and is updated more frequently than the Android platform, making sure you always have access to the latest and greatest versions of the Jetpack components.

AndroidX used to be strictly tied to the platform and all the work was done internally in the Google branches. It was rather difficult for the developers since contributing to the project would mean that they would have to check out the Android platform code of over 40GB and because of the strict ties, developers were hesitant.
With the expansion of scope, there is a need for a more convenient and transparent system. Google has been working on doing just that for the past two years by moving AndroidX out of Android. The step would mean the users would be able to view bug fixes and features as processed. Experimenting and prototyping would happen in ASOP, new libraries will be added, some will be removed before shipping, and some would be merged into existing libraries.
If you are interested in Android Jetpack development, you can visit the official page. Further details can be found in this official video tutorial.