Angular 7 – For Beginners eBook Published

C# Corner has published an eBook titled, “Angular 7 – For Beginners”.

Angular has proved to be a magnificent framework in recent times. Its simplicity, developer-friendliness, and ability to build awesome projects have attracted many freshers as well as experienced developers to learn Angular.

Today, we are pleased to unveil that we have published one more eBook titled, “Angular 7 – For Beginners”. The book is written by Debasis Saha and covers all the core concepts of Angular from scratch, that an Angular developer must know for developing a wonderful web application.

Angular 7 For Beginners

The author, Debasis Saha, is C# Corner Kolkata Chapter Lead and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). He has achieved C# Corner MVP (4 times) and DZone MVB because of his valuable contribution to the developer community. His 13+ year experience and extensive knowledge of ANgular reflect in this book as he has written it in a simple yet effective way with proper examples and explanation wherever needed.

Here is a snapshot of the ToC.

  • Basics of Angular
  • Environment Setup for Angular
  • Create First Angular Application
  • Components
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Pipes
  • Service
  • Ajax Request Handling
  • Routing

We hope this book will help every Angular learner in every possible way. You can download the eBook, “Angular 7 – For Beginners” for free.