Angular Launches New Tools To Assist Migration From AngularJS

To assist developers to migrate from AngularJs to Angular of today, Angular has announced two new tools- ngMigration Assistant and ngMigration Forum.

Angular has recently announced two new tools- ngMigration Assistant and ngMigration Forum to assist developers for migrating from AngularJs to Angular.
It becomes quite hectic for a developer to determine the best path to migrate from AngularJs to Angular, as there are a lot of approaches available for the same.
ngMigration Assistant, which is a command line utility will provide you with simple and constructive guidance, and preparation steps need to migrate your application from AngularJs to Angular.
It will scan your AngularJs application and then recommend solutions that may suit your application. Along with statistics about the complexity and pattern of an app, it provides preparation steps needed to migrate to Angular. The tool doesn't consider every possibility but most important factors such as code size and complexity.
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ngMigration Forum is designed to learn and share information on migration to Angular. It will provide all the resources on migrating from AngularJs to Angular. It consolidates all the migration paths that are known today, useful tools and expert consultants to assist you throughout immigration.
The objective of the forum is that Angular wants developers to share their experiences, information, and expertise; ask and answer questions regarding the immigration process and one may gain insights from previously discussed issues.
"For each migration path, you can read more in depth and learn about how each one works, awesome tools to help, examples, helpful content, and consultants available to help you throughout the migration process." posted Elana Olson from the Angular developer relations team.
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