Apache NetBeans 9.0 Available Now, Adds Support For Java 9 & 10

The Apache NetBeans team released the latest Java IDE Apache Netbeans (incubating) 9.0 on Monday.

The Apache NetBeans team has released the latest Java IDE Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 on Monday. The release adds support for Java 9 and 10 with new hints, error handlers, and refactoring for transforming to the new JDK 10 var type. Other new features include support for local variable type inference & the Jigsaw module system, new Java Modular Application project type, and JLink and Java Shell support.
The new hints and error handlers help in converting explicit variable type to var and var type back to explicit type, while the new error hint for var Array declaration helps correct compilation errors by converting to an explicit type by inferring the type of data in an array. The new release supports the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) which is a central component of Project Jigsaw. It also adds ModulePath as a paradigm to NetBeans in addition to Classpath.
The Java Shell support adds an integrated console-like UI to Java Shell to leverage the NetBeans editor capabilities which extend to the command line tool, allowing developers to execute the shell as an agent on the debugged or run an application. The Snippets written in JShell can be redefined and tested, even against a running code.
NetBeans is an extremely large project in Apache (existing for over 20 years) which is why the decision was made by Oracle to audit and donate files in parts and not as a whole to NetBeans. After the first donation which focused specifically on the underlying core, i.e., the NetBeans Platform, the second donation brings the support for JavaScript, PHP, Groovy and enterprise Java (i.e., Java EE or, as it is known now, Jakarta EE), which are now integrated into Apache after this release.
The official blog says, 

"Since NetBeans is modular, doing an incremental donation was not difficult to architect. The first donation focused specifically on the underlying core, i.e., the NetBeans Platform (e.g., the module system, window system, menubar, etc etc) and, to enable the result of the first donation to be usable for general users and not just NetBeans Platform developers, the various Java SE features were included too, e.g., Java project templates, Java editor, and new Java features such as support for Jigsaw, JLink, and JShell."
This release doesn’t come with any installers with it, therefore, users need to manually download the binaries and unzip them. It is available for download in Apache mirrors now.
You can go through all the features that this new version incorporates from NetBeans webpage