Apple Announces ARKit For iOS

ARKit is available in iOS 11 operating system, announced by Apple at WWDC 2017.

The WWDC Conference has always been the platform for Apple to announce big innovations. This year also, Apple has made several big announcements at WWDC 2017, that is going on in San Jose, California. One such announcement is the launch of ARKit framework which allows the creation of unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad.
Image Source: Apple
Last year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook indicated that the company had invested in Augmented Reality and something huge might be coming up soon; and now, the ARKit is available in iOS 11 operating system, announced by the company on the same day. Since the ARKit is made available across the iOS ecosystem, the company boasts that it is “the largest AR platform in the world.
The company explains AR experience as,

“By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways.”
Image Source: Apple
The ARKit framework is available for download in the newly announced iOS 11 beta, and you can build AR features in your app easily with the help of iOS 11 SDK using the latest beta of Xcode 9. Or, you can read the ARKit documentation for getting started.
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