Apple Develops Next Mac Chips Outclassing Intel's Best

A series of new Mac processors aimed at outperforming Intel's fastest is expected to be introduced in 2021.

According to a report, Apple is developing a number of Apple Silicon chip variants with significantly higher core counts relative to its current M1 chips. The new Mac processors, expected to be launched in spring 2021, are aimed at outperforming Intel Corp.’s fastest.

Bloomberg in its report said that the new Mac processors might significantly outpace the performance of the latest machines running Intel chips. The next series of chips are planned to be placed across upgraded versions of the MacBook Pro, iMac desktops, and later a new Mac Pro workstation.

The new chips include designs that have 16 power cores and four high-efficiency cores, as well as a 32-performance core top-end version. In contrast, the current M1 Mac has four performance cores, along with four high-efficiency cores.

Source: Apple

Apple is also developing new graphics processors that include both 16 and 32-core designs, says the report, and that it even has 64 and 128-core designs in development for use in high-end pro machines like the Mac Pro. These developments can rival even dedicated GPU designs from Nvidia and AMD  for some applications.

Well, Apple has already stated that it plans to transition its entire line to its own Apple Silicon processors by 2022. Though Intel makes less than 10% of its revenue from equipping Apple with Mac chips, the rest of its PC market is likely to face turbulence if Apple is able to deliver demonstrably better-performing computers.