Augmented Reality Headset By Magic Leap on Sale

A good news for all who were waiting for the Magic Leap One, the highly anticipated augmented-reality headset that overlays digital objects on the physical world, which is finally going on sale after so many years of being development.
The headset is only available in six locations including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, and Miami.
The headset will be delivered to buyers' doorsteps and will cost US$2,295.
The closest product to this headset is the Microsoft HoloLens which is only available to developers.
Well, most of the consumers interact with the augmented reality, unlike the virtual reality which blends with the real world through their smartphone cameras and PC-compatible AR headsets that cost them approximately $200-$400 range.
The Magic Leap One was funded by famous companies including Alibaba, JPMorgan, and Google.
Some of the major features of the Magic Leap One is that it doesn't have room to wear glasses under it, instead of that it has pop-in prescription lenses.
Some of the companies have seen the appeal of these headsets for their workplace, to provide training.
According to chief executive Rony Abovitz, there is another headset already in development that relates the Magic Leap One.
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