AWS Introduces Amazon Honeycode

Amazon Honeycode is a fully-managed AWS service, that offers you the capability to build powerful mobile & web applications without writing any code.

AWS introduced Amazon Honeycode, which is a new fully-managed AWS service, that according to AWS, gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications without writing any code.
Amazon Honeycode uses the familiar spreadsheet model that lets you get started in minutes. Everything you might know about sheets, tables, values, and formulas applies with Honeycode. It includes templates for some common applications that you can use right away.
Source: AWS 
AWS said that Honeycode allows you to customize these apps at any time and the changes gets deployed immediately. User can also start with an empty table, or by importing some existing data in CSV form. While building applications with Honeycode users can make use of a rich palette of UI objects including lists, buttons, and input fields. Amazon Honeycode also allows you to make use of repertoire of built-in, trigger-driven actions that can generate email notifications and modify tables.
Source: AWS
The solution includes a big number of built-in functions. Some of them are new and more powerful. For instance, FindRow is a more powerful version of the popular Vlookup function.
Source: AWS
To get started you need to visit the Honeycode Builder, and create your account. There you will find links like My Drive, with my workbooks & apps, along with multiple search, filter, & view options. There you can open & explore any existing items, or you can click Create workbook to make something new.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.