Azure Data Box Expands With Edge And Gateway

Recently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Azure Data Box, along with new online capabilities Azure Data Box Edge and Azure Data Box Gateway, both in the preview. Also to address the needs for very large offline data transfers 1PB Azure Data Box Heavy is introduced to go along with Azure Data Box and Azure Data Box Disk.
Azure Data Box, Azure Data Box Edge, Azure Data Box Gateway 
Source: Microsoft 
According to Microsoft Data Box Edge is an on-premises appliance with AI-enabled edge compute capabilities and will be able to act as a storage gateway. It makes a link between a site and Azure storage. By providing a local cache, Data Box can help optimize network traffic to and from the cloud.
An IoT Edge computing platform is also provided by Data Box Edge, enabling you to deploy Azure services and custom code and apps to the edge. This will help you to analyze, filter or transform data right at the edge. And for machine-learning workloads, Microsoft's Project Brainwave will power the FPGA option.
If you only want to deploy the storage gateway functionality on your own system, Data Box Gateway will be available as a standalone virtual appliance.
Source: Microsoft

For the very large amounts of data transfer, Data Box Heavy offers 1PB raw capacity and along with 40 Gbps, allowing you to move an entire datacenter's worth of data to Azure in a few weeks' time.
For more information you can visit the official blog.