Azure DevOps – Complete CI-CD Pipeline eBook Published

C# Corner publishes an eBook titled "Azure DevOps – Complete CI-CD Pipeline".

Today, we are pleased to publish another eBook titled “Azure DevOps – Complete CI-CD Pipeline” authored by Mukesh Kumar. The book covers the concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Azure DevOps from scratch.
The author of the book, Mukesh Kumar is a 4-times C# Corner MVP, Microsoft MVP and a regular contributor to ASP.NET Forum. He has been working on designing and developing enterprise scale applications on Microsoft technologies for quite a long time. 
Written in a very easy to understand and informative language, the book is a testament to his years of extensive experience and the deep knowledge about the topic, i.e., Azure DevOps. Here is a glimpse of the ToC.
Table of Content 
  • About DevOps
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Why Azure DevOps
  • DevOps Project Setup
  • Create Organization and Project
  • Continuous Integration
  • Create Azure App Services
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Add Slot
  • Run and Test Azure DevOps Pipeline