Azure IoT And Azure Defenses Coast 2 Coast Tour

Two presentation at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 1 - IoT Device Translator (Presented by Nik- Shahriar Nikkhah) 2 - Azure Security Best Practices (Presented by Deepak Kaushik)

Join me (Nik) and Deepak for ‘Azure IOT and Azure Defenses: Coast 2 Coast Tour’ .
We will be in Saskatoon on May 3.
Join us for the great sessions on ‘IOT and Azure Coast to Coast’ at Saskatoon - Saskatchewan. Sessions will be held at Cliff Wright Branch Library on May 3rd to
“Learn IoT Device Translator & Azure Security you ought to know”.
Nik Shahriar from Toronto presenting at Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina.
Location : Cliff Wright Branch Library
Address: 1635 McKercher Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5J9
Free Parking
Time: 6 PM – 8 PM
IoT Device Translator Nik Shahriar
  • Environmental settings (Visual Studio Code, Arduino, …)
  • IoT Hub translator architecture
  • IoT Hub, Speech Service, Azure Function.
  • Chinese to English, French to English, real demo
We will have Nik Shahriar from Toronto and he is presenting at Saskatoon and Regina.
Azure Security best Practices Deepak
  • How Cloud Security is different & Better
  • Demo: Azure Advisor, Azure Security Center
  • Demo: Security Playbook & Identity and access management
  • Advanced Threat Protection for your data
We will serve pizza, snacks and beverages,
Also we will be in:
  1. Calgary on April 27
  2. Regina on May 4