Azure IoT Edge Gets New Visual Studio Tools And Plugin For Jenkins

Microsoft announced on Monday the availability of Azure IoT Edge plugin for Jenkins and a preview of tools of Visual Studio 2017 for Azure IoT Edge. The plugin provides Jenkins native capability to continuously build IoT Edge solutions and deploy to Azure IoT Edge devices while in Visual Studio 2017 you can create, build, debug and deploy an IoT Edge solution.
Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), Azure services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices.
Visual Studio 2017
Azure IoT Edge, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Jenkins
The new preview offers the ability to create an Azure IoT Edge project in Visual Studio, add C# custom modules, build and push them to IoT Edge devices. Any single C# module or multiple modules can be debugged at the same time in Visual Studio locally. For the preview to work, a few pre-requisites are in place which includes the installation of .NET Core 2.1 SDK, Docker for Windows, Python and Pip and the Azure IoT Edge Hub Dev tool. Updating the Cloud Explorer for your Visual Studio is also a must.
With the new preview, you can create your first IoT Edge Solution in Visual Studio, build and debug single C# module and IoT Edge Solutions with multiple modules, build and push images to Azure Container Registry and finally, create an IoT Edge deployment in the Visual Studio Cloud Explorer.
There are also certain limitations in a place like support only for C# custom module and Amd64 Linux and Windows docker files, as of now. Visit the official blog for more information.
Azure IoT Edge Plugin For Jenkins
Azure IoT Edge, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Jenkins
The new plugin has the option to either use Azure DevOps Services together with Jenkins or to leverage the plugin to deliver Intelligent Edge solutions. Among many other possibilities, this release of the Azure IoT Edge plugin for Jenkins now allows to build custom mode in C#, Python, Node.js, C or Java, or C# Functions and push to Azure Container Registry or other Docker registries. It supports Amd64-Linux, Amd64-Windows and Arm32-Linux containers.
You can now also deploy to single or multiple IoT Edge devices with the same tag at scale.
This plugin can be used in a Jenkinsfile as it is pipeline-ready. Microsoft is now aiming to bring additional support for building module images for ARM-Linux containers with Azure Container Registry Build in the future updates. Follow the official blog for regular updates.