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This book is an introduction to Blazor.
Blazor is a new web framework that allows developers to build Web apps using .NET and C#. Blazor allows developers to write client-side logic and UI components in C#, compile them into normal .NET assemblies, and then run them directly in the browser using a new open web standard called WebAssembly. Or alternatively, Blazor can run your .NET UI components on the server and handle all UI interactions fluidly over a real-time connection with the browser. When paired with .NET running on the server, Blazor enables full-stack web development with .NET. While Blazor shares many commonalities with ASP.NET Web Forms, like having a reusable component model and a simple way to handle user events, it also builds on the foundations of .NET Core to provide a modern and high performance web development experience.
This book introduces ASP.NET Web Forms developers to Blazor in a way that is familiar and convenient. It introduces Blazor concepts in parallel with analogous concepts in ASP.NET Web Forms while also explaining new concepts that may be less familiar. It covers a broad range of topics and concerns including component authoring, routing, layout, configuration, and security. And while the content of this book is primarily for enabling new development, it also covers guidelines and strategies for migrating existing ASP.NET Web Forms to Blazor for when you want to modernize an existing app.
Who should use the book
This book is for ASP.NET Web Forms developers looking for an introduction to Blazor that relates to their existing knowledge and skills. This book can help with quickly getting started on a new Blazor-based project or to help chart a roadmap for modernizing an existing ASP.NET Web Forms application.
Daniel Roth, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
Jeff Fritz, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
Taylor Southwick, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corp.
Scott Addie, Senior Content Developer, Microsoft Corp.
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