Bose Planning To Make AR Glasses

Recently Bose has announced that they are planning to work on Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses. The company is going to make the world’s first audio augmented reality platform. The Bose AR is different from visual AR as they add many things which you can see, and Bose AR only works on things you can hear.
The company states
“Using only a Bose AR-equipped wearable, a smartphone and an app-enabled with Bose AR, the new platform lets you hear what you see, making everything more valuable, more emotional and more meaningful. All you provide are simple head movements, voice commands and taps on your wearable; the Bose AR platform does the rest. You stay involved in the world around you and your phone stays tucked away.”

Source: Bose
“Bose AR is a platform, which means others can develop both apps — for music, travel, and education, among others — as well as wearables — including headphones, glasses, and helmets. Bose will be building Bose AR into upcoming audio products and a number of partners will soon publicly announce their intent to begin working on the Bose AR platform as well.”
Bose has also set a fund of $50 Million for the companies creating apps, services, and related technologies for the Bose AR platform.