Bot Framework SDK Version 4.3 Released

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of Bot Framework SDK version 4.3, and shared the updates for the Conversational AI releases.

Bot Framework SDK version 4.3 brings a number of bugs fixes, improvements in LUIS and QnA integration, and additional updates across areas like Language, Prompt and Dialogs, and Connectors and Adapters.
The company has added LINE as a new channel. LINE is already a popular messaging app that has hundreds of millions of users in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries.
Source: Microsoft 
The company said in the 4.3 release, the focus has been on improving and simplifying message and activities handling. The company has streamlined the handling of some activity types in the Bot Framework Activity Schema, exposing a simple On* methods. This simplifies the usage of these activities.
The new release brings a new manner to handle incoming messages using a new class called ActivityHandler. An ActivityHandler collects incoming activities, as defined in the Bot Framework Activity Schema, then delegates the handling of each of these activities to one or more handler functions based on the activity’s type and other properties. All the methods are available in the ActivityHandler.ts - for JavaScript, and ActivityHandler.cs - for .NET
For C#, MVC support has been added, to enable developers to use the standard ASP.NET core application and ApiController.
Web Chat 4.3 release addresses the accessibility issues and popular feature requests, such as better indication of connectivity state for users with poor network connection.
You can visit the official announcement here. Or visit the detailed Change Log here.