C# Corner Launches New Online Training Platform

Septemeber 24, 2018 | Philadelphia
Today, C# Corner has launched an online training platform that is available to its selected members only, C# Corner Training. The training will be available to all members in Jan 2019. C# Corner Online Training provides both on-demand and instructor-led training. Several training programs on cutting edge technologies such as Angular, React, NodeJS, JavaScript, Xamarin, and Progressive Web Apps are already available now.
"Developers are always in need of high-quality trainings that focus on real-world applications. We are committed to bringing real-world high-quality training by industry experts to the platform to teach in-demand programming topics," said Chris Love, C# Corner Chief Marketing Officer.
You can visit C# Corner Training from the Training portal here: https://training.c-sharpcorner.com/
C# Corner has partnered with industry's top trainers to develop the training material.
"We are super excited to launch courses on C# Corner. C# Corner is well known for its high caliber community and quality learning. At Devslopes, our #1 priority is learner success with high-quality training and real-world use-cases and so partnering with C# Corner is definitely a big win for us." ~ Mark Price DevSlopes
C# Corner is an online community of software developers. C# Corner has 3 million registered members and a growing 5+ million monthly visitors, mostly from software development background. Highly active members that provide high-quality content earn the C# Corner MVP award.
C# Corner MVPs will get a major discount on all the trainings including online. Interested MVPs will also get an opportunity to participate in the training program as a trainer and author. If you've any training course in mind that you would like to teach online, let's talk.
C# Corner Training is currently seeking new courses and course authors. If you are interested in publishing your development course, please contact C# Corner for more information, support@c-sharpcorner.com.
Visit https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/media/contactus.aspx for contact details, review copies, photos.