C# Corner Launches Stratis Blockchain R&D Center

C# Corner partners with GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management to setup Stratis Blockchain R&D Center.


Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies of this time. More and more corporations are looking into blockchain use cases and implementations. C# Corner has always been the place to cover bleeding edge technologies including blockchain and hence, C# Corner Partnered with Stratis to bring Blockchain technology learning and adoption to its millions of members. The goal in this partnership is to produce learning content, hackathons, projects, books, and certifications for C# Corner members to learn Stratis and build business dApps. If you want to learn what Stratis Blockchain is, check out Introduction to Stratis Platform.

To take the partnership forward, C# Corner on Thursday 25th November 2021, signed an MoU with GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management to set up the Stratis Blockchain R&D Center.

Stratis Blockchain R&D Center

Stratis Blockchain R&D Center is an excellence center maintained by C# Corner and GL Bajaj ITM as part of their partnership, in order to enable young minds with Blockchain technology, endorse the certification programs and capacity building in Blockchain with Stratisplatform, motivating and promoting research and development in the Blockchain Technology.

"GL Bajaj team and students are highly delighted to have  this MoU with Stratis Blockchain groups Ltd, UK in collaboration with C# Corner to impart knowledge and promote innovative development in this niche Technology", said Dr. Madhu Gaur, Head, Department of MCA, GL Bajaj ITM

"Today, the technology innovation is at its fastest pace ever and there is a huge shortage of talent in IT and this demand will continue to grow. Many emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and Cloud are in high demand. By introducing Stratis Blockchain at G.L. Bajaj Institute will help us prepare a future skilled workforce that can quickly be integrated with existing projects. I’m highly optimistic and excited to see how this partnership can turn into creating a productive job-ready workforce for businesses.”, said Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner and CEO of Mindcracker Inc. 

About Event

The event started with lamp lightning followed by welcoming all the delegates, students by Prof (Dr.) Rajeev Agrawal Director GLBITM.

Dr. Rajiv Agarwal (Director) gave the welcome address by specifying the main agenda of the program.

Mr. Mahesh Chand, Founder C# Corner & CEO Mindcracker Inc, enlightened the audience about C# Corner, Stratis Platform, and Stratis Blockchain R&D Center. He joined the session online from the U.S.

After that Ms. Satya Karki, C# Developer Startisplatform explained the composition of Blockchain. She joined from Nepal joining through Online mode.

The program was followed by an interactive session by Mr. Lalit Bansal, founder of EIY SYS & Director of Revinfotech. Mr. Lalit Bansal motivated the audience to explore the world of blockchain. He shared insights from his rich experience of 17 years.

After that Mr. Vivek Sharma founder, Kingster636, whose company HashBattle recently got funded by Stratis SDA, shared his experience, and informed the audience about Stratis Build Hackathon 2021.

After that, there was an MoU signing between G L Bajaj Institute of Technology of Management and Stratis Group Ltd. in collaboration with C# Corner, followed by an exchange of the signed documents.

To enhance the knowledge and create interest among students Mr. Atul Gupta, VP events & Mr. Rohit Gupta, MVP Program Director C# Corner, conducted a Q/A round. They gave gifts and goodies to the winners of the Q/A session.


After this Mr. Krushang Patel, Head of Communication Stratisplatform from the UK joined this event through online mode to be a part of the R&D center launch event. He shared valuable information about Stratis Group Ltd, Stratis SDA, Stratis Build Hackathon, NFT Marketplace, etc.

Dr.Madhu Gaur, Head MCA shared her thoughts about the MoU and bid thanks to all the dignitaries, students, and Ms. Deepkiran Munjal, Ms. Aparna Sharma, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, and Mr. Manish Kumar, who enthusiastically and successfully coordinated the event.

About Stratis

Stratis Ltd. is the creator of Stratis Platform, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises to build enterprise-grade blockchain-based solutions using Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# language. Stratis Platform is easy to learn, adapt, and integrate with existing enterprise applications. Stratis offers both public blockchain and private blockchain solutions. Stratis’s product offerings include Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Identity Platform, Supply Trust, STO Platform, DiFi, and Smart Contracts written in C# and executed on native .NET CLR makes it appealing to companies that want to build blockchain solutions on Microsoft stack.

Visit www.stratisplatform.com to learn more about Stratis Platform.

About C# Corner

C# Corner ranked below 3,000 globally is one of the largest online communities for software developers. Focused around the Microsoft stack, C# Corner reaches more than 5 million developers each month and provides daily updates on software development news.

C# Corner was founded and run by veteran Microsoft developers including several Microsoft MVPs, regional directors, and certified trainers. Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner, is a 14-time Microsoft MVP and a former Microsoft Regional Director. Mahesh is also a published author and has issued half a dozen books on C# and .NET.

C# Corner is a members’ contributions-based community where members publish daily fresh content on learning and building better software and share their expertise via Blogs, Forums, Videos, Live Shows, and Speaking at Conferences and local User Group Chapters.

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Stay tuned to C# Corner for more details on Stratis Build Hackathon.