C# Corner Partners with Stratis

Today, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Stratis Group, Ltd., a U.K. based company that operates on blockchain development and implementation on a global scale.

Today, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Stratis Group, Ltd., a U.K. based company that operates on blockchain development and implementation on a global scale.

Stratis’ focus on leveraging Microsoft technologies, specifically the C# programming language, means a plethora of programmers worldwide will now be developing and supporting one-another to build with Stratis Blockchain Technologies.

The partnership will influence several activities being performed in the coming months, starting with a dedicated Stratis Blockchain Development Team focussed on developing practical use cases utilizing Stratis. C# Corner’s development team will commit to delivering multiple solutions, ultimately demonstrating the power of the platform developed by Stratis.

Moreover, Stratis will work alongside C# Corner to perform focused Hackathon events every quarter, providing prize pools for those participating in demonstrating blockchain use-cases with Stratis’ Smart Contract solution. Stratis aims to create a vast network of developers who can design, build and deploy functional applications on Stratis. The growth of a rich and knowledgeable community of developers will undoubtedly drive adoption and development.

This partnership will also introduce the highly anticipated Certified Stratis Blockchain Expert (CSBE) certification program; aimed at those architecting Blockchain Solutions utilizing Stratis. The certification assures that an individual has a deep understanding of core blockchain concepts and their feasibility, and demonstrates best practice set forth by Stratis’ core development team.

Stratis will also have a dedicated area in the Learn section of C# Corner, where those interested in Blockchain development can further their skills following instructor-led tutorials.

The Stratosphere and Beyond

Stratis spent the past several years building a versatile and feature-rich platform based on Microsoft’s leading programming framework, .NET Core. The platform can now be utilized to create Blockchain solutions in a familiar environment.

By using an alternate consensus algorithm known as Proof-of-Authority, Stratis’ BaaS Technology can scale, handling far greater throughput than other blockchain solutions. A defined set of distributed block producers ensure transactions are validated and processed rapidly, resulting in lightning-fast turnaround times. Stratis’ solution provides the ability to ‘Scale at Will’ and thus does not experience congestion, resulting in pre-defined and known transactional costs, removing the risk of experiencing volatile costs when interacting with the Blockchain.

With $4.1 Billion spent on blockchain solutions worldwide last year, every industry today is exploring the benefits blockchain technology brings. Stratis offers the easiest adoption solution through its different offerings built on C#, the most widely used coding language.

About Stratis

Stratis offers unprecedented levels of security, reliability, and performance through leveraging blockchain. The platform’s native C# ecosystem enables businesses worldwide to utilize their existing IT infrastructure and tools to adopt blockchain technology by providing access to the Stratis blockchain’s features in a familiar language to the everyday developer.

  • Microsoft Focus: Stratis provides the only Blockchain platform that offers end-to-end Microsoft solutions, utilizing the .NET Core Framework
  • Stratis Identity: A decentralized KYC and AML check to make it easier for businesses to verify client identities and comply with regulations.
  • Supply Trust: A turnkey solution for supply chain management, providing complete visibility in a trustless and decentralized environment.
  • STO Platform: Regulation-compliant digital securities for businesses launching STO’s
  • Stratis Smart Contracts: Secure and auditable digital contracts developed in the industry-standard Microsoft C# language, fit for the DeFi age.