C# Training Announces New Enterprise Blockchain Bootcamp

C# Corner Training and Jumpstart Blockchain now offer a new Enterprise Blockchain Bootcamp program in three major U.S. Cities - Philadelphia, Miami, and New York City.

The instructor-led course will kick-off in Philadelphia, Dec. 01 and 02. A special 1-day Bootcamp will be held following BWC South in Miami, FL on December 5th.
The program was developed for beginners who want to get started with blockchain and build blockchain apps including smart contracts. The Bootcamp covers nine modules, beginning with the foundations of blockchain, hyperledger, and chaincode. The course includes lab work and personal instructor attention, where the participant will build several real-world blockchain applications.
Blockchain Bootcamp Enrollment
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The in-depth program is led by Vishal Nigam, Founder and Chief Blockchain Evangelist at DIY Blockchain, the world's first Hybrid Blockchain Platform and is quickly expanding to become Asia's biggest Blockchain Academy. Vishal is very well versed with various frameworks, such as – Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Fabric, Iroha, Indy, Chainscript etc. He takes part in various blockchain events, meetings, and conferences as a keynote speaker globally to help the audience understand the technology and how to leverage it, and has trained the learners for more than 3000+ hours on Blockchain Technology.

Full course information, prerequisites, and location details can be found by visiting the C# Corner Live Training Home Page, https://training.c-sharpcorner.com/.

Early-Bird pricing will be offered for each location through Early-November.