January 22nd, 2009 (Toronto) - After a well-received beta run, industry-leader Dundas Data Visualization today announced the production release of Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services v.6.2.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a flexible way for chart users to analyze complex multidimensional data - and do so in a screen-efficient way.  Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services makes this happen quickly by offering a complete set of robust ASP.NET and Windows Forms components designed for fast, interactive data processing.

Highlights include significant performance enhancements (for dramatically reducing processing time), multi-language U.I. localization support, KPI support, text wrapping for grid cells, improved paging support and much more.

"We've also added feature-rich support for key performance indicators," said Troy Marchand, President of Dundas Data Visualization.  "You can now view and select your database's KPIs in charts or grids via the measures/dimensions pane.  This is one of several interesting new features that began as a customer request."

Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services v.6.2 boasts Visual Studio 2008 design time support and is currently available from the Dundas website.

About Dundas Data Visualization

Founded in 1992, Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization solutions for Microsoft technologies.  The company's outstanding success is reflected in its numerous industry awards and in the rapid adoption of Dundas Technologies by Fortune 500 companies around the globe.  For more information, please visit www.dundas.com.

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